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Number 6 Uganda language translation!
Lusoga is the sixth Uganda language translation of the Memory Book guide.
A tribute to Bosco Basajja
5 languages for 5 communities.

With the translation of the Memory Book guide into Acholi and Ateso the Memory Book is now available to five communities in Uganda.

Memory Books
Overwhelming response to Memory Book training.
Mindset Memory Book day
Maureen Mugisha runs Mindset in Entebbe - a very busy training project for young women- and she really deserved to have a rest in her Christmas holidays. But instead, on 24th December, Maureen ran a Memory Book training day.........
Mindset - Entebbe Uganda
You can now read the Memory Book in Runyankore

The latest translation of the Memory Book is in Runyankore, a abntu language spoken by people in south west Uganda. A thank you goes to Hubert Agumya and Nicholas Katwesigye for making the translation.

Hubert Agumya
Reaching Health Care Workers
Mindset Memory Book day
As part of TALC's e-TALC project a small section of their ISSUE 12 edition CD has a taster of the Memory Book materials.
A beautiful film about Memory Books
still from Memory Books film by Christa Graf

This beautiful film, made in Uganda, shows parents and children working together to create their family’s Memory Book. The film shows how doing this work together helps parents to talk openly with their children about HIV in the family.

Christa Graf - KICK Film

Welcome To The Memory Book Site

Edition of memory Book for Africa

What and who is this website for?

The aim of this website is to make the Memory Book ideas easy to understand and to use for anyone who wants this information. Memory is not in competition with the large NGOs and CBOs with their training budgets and teams of professionals. Instead it is a first aid service for the millions of individuals and small informal groups of people who are out of reach of the big organisations and who have no other way of getting training or printed materials on Memory Work.

This website is provided by the team who wrote the original Memory Book and Memory Project Training Programme. All the materials included on this website are freely available to anyone who needs them and who can gain access to the internet.

We hope you will find the information interesting, helpful and easy to use. We look forward to hearing from you, the people who need and use these ideas. Your ideas for how we can make the website easier to use and your suggestions for new information to be included, will be very welcome. Please visit our Contact Us page.

What is the Memory Book?

It is a framework and guide to help parents or guardians to write down important information for children who are at risk of losing contact with their birth family and community. The information covers family history, traditions, personal information and important contacts,. There is plenty of scope for parents to add whatever else they want their child to know. More detailed information is given in The Story.

Originally the Memory Book was written for families living with HIV/Aids, where there was a risk that parents would die before their children were independent. But it has been equally useful in situations where parents have died or been separated from their children for many other reasons, including war, migration, family breakdown, imprisonment or death or separation for many other causes.

What is the Memory Project training programme?

training workshop cover

When parents began writing their Memory Books it meant facing the facts about very serious problems in their families. This made them realise the importance of talking openly with their children and planning for the long term future. These and other difficult questions led on to development of the Memory Project Training Programme. The aim was to give parents basic information and skills about child development, opening up communications in the family, how to find guardians and make safe plans and how to use the law to make the plans stick if needed in the future.

Over time, as parents asked different questions, the training programme expanded to cover 10 main topics which were taught as a “package” to parents attending a one-week course with trained trainers. This worked well for the minority of parents who are within reach of a training course. But of course that opportunity is not available for most families. So the main topics have now been re-organised and are available on this website for individuals or small informal groups to use as they wish. The writers of this website realise its far from ideal to work alone or without professional support, but hope that the training topics will go some way to answer some of the burning questions that parents ask. To find out more about the training topics go to the Training Topics page.

Future plans – some ideas on how this website can develop.

training guide page

The information on the website today is just the starting point. In future it can grow, responding to questions or suggestions raised by the people who use it. For example we could:
  • include useful ideas from individuals or groups who have used the Memory Book or training materials;
  • give space to those of you who would like to write a blog on your Memory Work experiences;
  • set up a system for people with relevant experience who would be willing to offer support to self-help groups who would welcome a mentor;
  • increase the scope of the Resources section to include ideas for activities, wise words, links to other useful websites;
  • and of course with your help, produce more translations of the Memory Book guides so that it is avaialble to more families around the world;

How to find what you want on this website.

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Authorative Commentary,  link graphic about Memory Book projects

Beatrice Were

An international human rights campaigner and HIV/AIDS activist

Beatrice Were speaks from personal experience, explaining why Memory Books and this website are so important in helping parents and their children living with HIV/AIDS in Africa and around the world.

Authorative Commentary,  link graphic about Memory Book projects

Canon Dr Gideon B Byamugisha

Goodwill Ambassador on HIV & AIDS for Christian Aid.

"For emotional , psychological , spiritual and social wellbeing; there are no close substitutes to someone's knowledge and memory of their family. I highly recommend the MB Website to all those involved in ministries to build healthier, more peaceful and more fulfilling lives for all but more especially for the children who lose parents at an age they need them most for their family knowledge, history, values ,holistic growth and development"

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